Nikon D800E… 100% crop

Hey everyone so i thought i would show you how insane the D800E is….. this single image is unediting no sharpening… NOTHING!!!

Stepping up from my D700 this D800E is amazing!!

Hope you like


New shots on my website

Hey everyone i have some new shots posted on my website so don’t forget to drop over and have a look….. plus there will be more released very soon.
Cheers Clint

Sorry Its Been So Long

Hey everyone that still reads this blog….. Sorry its been so long i have injured my back at work so sitting down in front of a computer was really painful. But seems things are getting a lot better so i thought i would give you guys a look at 2 new images… i hope you enjoy them

Victorian Trees

Hey everyone,
This is on of my favourite shots from the trip… I’ve been working on since i got back.
These trees were unreal and for those who know where they are keep it a secret!!! haha
I hope you enjoy looking at the shots and please drop by my site
where there is plenty more photos from my trip and plenty more to come.

Cheers Clint


Hopetoun Falls

Hello Everyone,
This shot is from Hopetoun Falls in Otway National Park in Victoria. This is the most amazing place you could stay there for weeks taking photos of just about anything, I can’t wait to get back there again.
I hope you like the shot

Cheers Clint


Hello Again

Hey everyone,
This is a shot from Otway National park in Victoria…. i have posted a shot from here last year but here is another one from this year. I have plenty more coming…. also one one i posts today on my website if u would like to check it out, there is a link of the right hand side.

Hope you like this shot, and its big enough to see….. I’ve been told my pics aren’t big enough… haha

Cheers Clint


2 posts in 2 days!!

Hey everyone…. well im on a roll now so i better not stop.

This is a shot from last years trip aswell but from the way up to Mount Buffalo.  I dont have much to say about this shot but i hope u like it!!

Cheers Clint

12 Apostles…… or 2

Hey everyone,

Well here is a shot from last years trip that i have finally finished. I cant wait to get back over there and shoot it again along with all the waterfalls…. i think its time to start saving again!!
Thanks for stopping by and i hope you loved the new image!!

Cheers Clint


Hey everyone, sorry its been so long again….. i would like to blame something for taking up my time, but its just pure laziness haha.
But here is a shot i entered into Christian Fletchers photo comp late last year, it received a Bronze which i was quite pleased with. i hope you like it!!

The Shot was taken in Kalamina gorge.

Cheers Clint