Hey everyone, this is another shot from the trip to Victoria, this shot is of Triplet Falls in Otway National Park. Such a amazing place and i cant wait to get back there ASAP!!!.
Well hope you like it and more will be on their way soon.


9 thoughts on “Hey

  1. Nice. Looks like a sweet waterfall. Would like to see the image cooled down a little bit. It looks a little bit yellow/orangey. Other than that, its great like all of your recent shots.

    • Cheers mate…. i kinda wanted that look but ill check it out again and see if its too yellow cheers for the comment mate!!!

  2. Beautiful shot there Clint!

    I kinda like the glow coming through the trees actually and I am thinking you have done that intentionally to give us that feel of a sun glow coming through…it works for me!

    • Hey Mark!!…. u are spot on mate!!! its exactly the look i was goin for im glad it works for ya!!
      Cheers for stopping by!!

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