Harrietville Victoria

Hey everyone,

This shot was taken in Harrietville in Victoria, Just down from Bright where we were staying. A great little creek where the falls colours were look even better. Im slowly getting thru my shot from the trip…. its harder then first thought sitting infront of a computer all day haha.

Well hope you like it

Cheers Clint


17 thoughts on “Harrietville Victoria

  1. Yep I reckon this is a better side to shoot from than where we went from on the other side. You get to see the river off in the distance this way…well done mate!

    And harden up son…you have many more hours of processing to go yet…and den!

    • Hahahaha cheers mark!!….. i think neal went on the other side after awhile… but i was pretty pleased with this shot…… and den i edit more

  2. Yep this composition in comparison to the other posts of this location is more inviting and leads you into the image. Yes all images taken form here are stunning but if you guys were having a comp from Harriettville this would have to be up there as one of the best !Well captured cheers Adrian

  3. Hey Clint,

    I really like the simple shadow effect you are using on your images rather than the framing.

    Any chance you could give me the heads up as to how you do that effect?



  4. Hi Clint just had a quick flick thru your blog, haven’t checked it for a while.

    Clint this is a superb shot , your best I’d say and close to the best I’ve seen from all the shots you guys took over there, CF’s included, they all look the same after a while but this stands out.

    It’s got it all in my opinion and describes the scene perfectly.

    Well done Clint ….. GOLD.

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