Fern Pool, Karijini

Hey everyone,

This is a shot from Fern Pool inside Dales Gorge in Karijini.

Once again it was a great place to be… the stairs to get to this spot were crazy but all worth it in the end!!…

Hope you all like it… and dont forget to check out my website…. http://www.clintbakerphotography.com

Cheers Clint


12 thoughts on “Fern Pool, Karijini

  1. nice shot Clint, you’re right- it is a great place to be!
    it’s some nice even light you got once again hey, and you’ve put it to good use.

    what crazy stairs are you referring to though? was a pretty placid walk I thought haha

    • Cheers Stephen…. was some good light that morning, haha well those weren’t the worst but they we up there!! haha

  2. Nice serene image Clint. I recall swimming over to under those falls… Did you go for a dip ? Mind you it was probably a ‘tad’ warmer when I was there… (November many moons ago)

    • Cheers mate…. nah we didnt have a swim…. but we did have a swim in Circular pool… image from there will come soon

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