Im Back

Well after having several weeks off shooting some amazing places Im back. This is another image from Karijini national park in Kalamina Gorge. I loved Karijini and i cant wait to get back up there.
I’ve also been in Victoria for the past week and a half with Neal from Spool Photography and Phill Back. With a small viist from Tom Putt, Mark Stothard some photographer Christian Fletcher. Was a great time shooting the fall colours in Bright and the peaks of Mt Buffalo… and a great trip from the Great Ocean Road…. those images will be coming soon.
Cheers Clint


6 thoughts on “Im Back

  1. Nice composition, the water reeds balance the image perfectly. Not sure if that was a reference in your initial exposure, but works for me, Cheers Adrian

    • Cheers Adrian… and yes i did mena to bring those reeds into the picture, i thought it would give the shot a little something more.. cheers mate

  2. Very nice Clint. My eye glides through the scene.
    I would say I find the big signature a little distracting though. Maybe even if the opacity on the signature was reduced further.
    Hope the trip was a real treat

    • Cheers mate!!… ill lower the opacity right down next time… the trip was great… goin thru all the images now…. and for the next 3months i think haha

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