Hey everyone, well this is the first image to come out of Karijini, I was from the start of Fortescue falls in Dales Gorge. I edited this while I was up there but on the laptop it wasn’t enough, so with a couple of tricks I learnt while I was up there I think it came out great.

I will be releasing about 30 images I hope over the next 2months from Karijini and more shot from my Melbourne trip.

I hope you enjoy.



14 thoughts on “Karijni

  1. nice work Clint. sounds like you had fun up there.
    bet it was everything that you expected and more hey.
    incredible place! 🙂

    i really like the tiers in this shot, it’s given it some nice depth. cool work

    • cheers mate!!…. well to be honest… i was hoping for some more water hahaha but it did blow my mind how perfect some of the spots were… so i might go back next year if they have a good wet season…

    • cheers mate!! i used a 0.6 and a 0.9 grads…. i think i might have to get some full filters tho haha maybe even a 10stop…. that would be nice

  2. Hey Clint, great website mate. Also your Karajini image is awesome. Cant wait to see some images from your Vic trip!

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