Hey everyone, well this is a shot i took tonight at sandtracks….. let me know what you think!!

I have a couple more to go through so please come back and check them out!!

Cheers Clint


8 thoughts on “Sandtracks!!!

  1. yeh im liking the light coming through the wave, i think it would look sweet as a square crop (just to cut out the bottom dark water that is somewhat distracting). Either that or brighten the foreground up a bit. Sweet shot though mate! wish i had a housing!

  2. actually i dont think the square crop would look that good on a second look haha..the lines from the bottom right are nice and leading..just brighten it up a bit i rekon! 🙂

  3. nice work Clint- loving the wave and that light. bummer about that building at the far left though.
    pretty sweet work for starting out though! gota be happy with it.
    you been out snorkeling with it yet??

    if you head out let me know- i want to get a snorkel or 2 in before summer’s fully gone! 🙂

  4. cheers fellas, i got a couple more that look better so i hope u like them too haha
    i havnt taken it snorkeling yet stephen…. not sure how it will go but i might try soon so ill let u know!!

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