Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.

Well this a little place in England not many people know about….. its called Stonehenge….. hahaha. I was a little disappointed with this place, after seeing it in all the movie it looked like it was in the middle of a field in the the off beaten track….. but no….right next to a Highway!!!

Well here it is anyway….. hope u like it…. if u dont u should buy it….why not??

Cheers Clint!!




4 thoughts on “Stonehenge

  1. Cool image Clint. The green and blue contrast really well.
    That’s the problem with all these massive tourist attractions. It destroys the whole atmosphere of the place.

  2. Nice capture there Clint, I agree with the Luke I like the 3 tones from the sky through the grey stone and green grass. If I can offer a suggestion it would be to whiten up the clouds a little more, I think they could do with a bit more white.



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