French Alps!!

Alps 5071webWell here is one of my favorite shots from the trip….. this was a our first stop in the french apls, a place called Mt Cenis. Amazing village with so much to photograph but we only had the one night here….. but just another place i HAVE to go back to.

Hope you all like it, and as always please some advice

Cheers Clint


9 thoughts on “French Alps!!

  1. Magic spot Clint – with only 1 night there you nailed it with this composition and gorgeous light – well done mate !

  2. Cheers Tony!!…… yer i was really really happy with this shot, at the last minute me and Bree drove up the top of the mountain to take some shots….. so glad we did.
    Cheers again

  3. hey clint sweet photo bro ……….. heres the but, but i wouldnt mind seeing more of the building theres just not enuf space around it otherwise its an awesome photo mate in jealous


  4. Nice capture Clint, Sorry but if I can offer a suggestion or 2 it would be to watch that color through the mountains, maybe rub that out a little and try lightning the tree line a little as well.



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