Other Shot

Hey everyone…. just quick post from a shot in Santorini…… im really liking the black and white with selected colour….. just something different!!

Hope you like it.



4 thoughts on “Other Shot

  1. Nice shot mate ,
    Really like the selective coloring with it works well .
    Would love to get some shots from here but Europe is going to have to wait till later after the states

  2. Looks nice Clint … I like the scene and if I can offer my 2 cents I would of panned a little more left and less right when the image becomes rather dark with no real point of interest. Maybe a few steps back to capture more sky as well as the reflection.

    • cheers mate…. wrong photo you wrote it on but i got ya….. i had one but it didnt turn out as well as i’d liked…. looks like i have to go back!!

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