Oooowwww more IOS

Gday everyone, hope perth is well!! well i i got out to shoot some more the other day and this is one of the shots….. let me know what u think…

also its only 5days till me and Bree fly to Italy and start our 12 day drive up thru italy, switzerland and france…… cant wait!!!

IOS Cove 3848webIOS Cove 3848squareweb_1


7 thoughts on “Oooowwww more IOS

  1. Nice shot once again, dude. Could do with a bit more contrast. I think we must be using very different monitors… Also, you could crop a bit of the sky out, it’s pretty boring without clouds or anything, and the horizon is fairly central. Maybe more of a square format?

  2. cheers fellas……. ill check it out beau… and yer it looks great on my laptop… something must be wrong with urs hahaha

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