Room with a View

Hey everyone just a quick edit of a shot i took some weeks ago. I took a very similar shot about 2 years ago but it was a single frame … but i think this one is better. 

hope the weather isnt too bad back home hehe…. its sunny and 34 today hahaha

Cheer Clint


room with a view


9 thoughts on “Room with a View

  1. Loving the new shot Clint, this ones a ripper, could be a littler wider and don’t be afraid to punch those vibrant colors up a bit.

    Weathers shit here, but thanks for asking … I see the clear skies have followed you all the way over there … LOL …

    • cheers neal!! next i wont be holding back from the colours then….. and yes that day was blue skies…. wait till see the shots coming up!! u can stick ur bad light ……… well u know where ahhahahahahah

  2. hey mate
    awesome shot mate your taking some good stuff mate i wish i could get out of my rutt

    the sunset this arvo was a cracker but i was working so i missed out boohoo anyway dude chat to ya soon


  3. Nice shot as well mate , would love to be staying in that room agree with neal the colors and contrast could use a punch up

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