Some Older Shots

Gday everyone, first off i would like to thank everyone for looking at my blog im almost at 10,000 views!!!…. This shot was taking about 6 or 7 months ago, with the most amazing sunrise i have ever seen. this was about 30mins before sunrise as u can tell. Also thanks to Matt Lauder for making those tutorials…. for a guy who knows bugger all about PS they helped heaps!!. If you have the same problems with PhotoShop as i did check them out!!

Cheers Clint




9 thoughts on “Some Older Shots

  1. Ripper shot Clint. Nice reflections. I would maybe try crop out the tree protruding on the left of frame. It is slightly distracting. You`re coming through with some great shots.

  2. Cheers Fellas.
    i wasnt sure about that tree.. thought it gave the shot some depth but maybe the tree at the bottom right will be enuf…
    hey luke shoot me a email i got some questions for ya!!

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