Little Trip to Wedge

Gday everyone, well first off i hope u all had a great easter weekend!!. I know i did, sunday night me and some mates headed up to Wedge island for the night and i got the chance to take some shots of the dunes.

This is one of the shots i got which im pretty happy with and looked heaps better Black and White so here it is and i hope u like it.

Cheers Clint



10 thoughts on “Little Trip to Wedge

  1. cheers guys, i was pretty stoked with it… couple of things i would have changed but it seems its fine hahaha
    Cheers again

  2. Trips been great so far. Not a great deal of shooting yet unfortunately but hope to do so soon. It’s been good to catch up with a few of my mates and do a bit of snowboarding.

  3. Great to hear mate….. cant wait to see the shots u get!!!…. and i hope ur there in oct when me and bree come over

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