Trying a Bit of Black And White

sugars-4bwedit2Hey everyone, well another shot from down south good old sugar loaf!! just love this rock and everytime i go down south i have to shoot it. I dont really know what to do with black and white so if there are any pointers please feel free.

Cheers Clint


14 thoughts on “Trying a Bit of Black And White

  1. Good work on getting your own angle. I like my shot here but I cant wait to reshoot it!
    I would however crop out some of the right hand side to get the rock out of the center of the image. The bulls eye view just doesnt work for me mate! Sorry… 😦

  2. cheers fellas…. ill have a look at the crop version… i tried to get up higher to get more of the water but i think i would have broken my ankle….. sorry dylan hahahha

  3. Okay, my pointers are as follows:

    1.You have a different composition to the generic shot, well done, but if you’re trying to photograph sugarloaf, its off in the distance, so I struggle to focus on it given the strength of the other rocks. I like the composition, but to me the title does not match the composition.

    2. B&W processing is nice.

    Good shot 🙂

  4. cheers tony, yer i think it would. not sure how high the tide comes up
    Thanks james, i wasnt sure if i wanted sugar loaf to be the center piece so i wanted to try something else. cheers

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