First Shot from Dunsborough

Gday everyone, well this is my first shot from down south, bit a movement thru the boats but not too bad. i didn’t get too much good light but owell had a great time with friends!!





12 thoughts on “First Shot from Dunsborough

  1. Thanks for commenting Matt….. its abit like Christians shot about 6months ago…. but i guess u gotta get inspiration somewhere

  2. Nice, mate. I like it. Stitch? The texture in the water in the bottom left is pretty cool, and the colour throughout the shot is interesting too. Lookin’ forward to seeing some more from your trip down south.


  3. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment…. i have a couple more shots to put up over the week so keep an eye out.
    Thanks again
    Yer Beau its a stitch i think it was 5 in the end after some cropping.

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