Im Still here

gday everyone, well yes im still here but like everyone haven’t been shooting much at all, but im heading down Dunsborough this weekend so im hoping to get some more shots!!! but for now here is one i took early last year at Noble Falls.

Cheers Clint




12 thoughts on “Im Still here

  1. Cheers beau
    Thanks jamie, well i think i had this already edited a while back hahaha, yer i need to find some more waterfalls!!! cheers mate

  2. Cheers fellas.. CF ill check it out sand see how it looks.
    Dylan, yer mate we gotta find some waterfalls, Neal we have 8weeks to get some rain for those waterfalls!!! then its just white buildings and beaches for me!!!!

  3. Bastard! Enjoy the trip. At least the beaches will be white and the water will be blue but I am better its going to butt ass cold where I am going … Bring on September Football season starts and winter ends …

  4. nice shot Clint.
    I agree with Dylan, the mist here is very nice!

    what’s that you say… we got 8 weeks of listening to you rub it in about you going away on your big ass holiday?? 😛 lol

    hope you get some good stuff down in Dunsborough too! 🙂

  5. Nice shot as well mate ,
    I havent been shooting much this last month had engamnet partys , bucks nights and weddings on all this month plus been busy with work
    Hopefully april will be better

  6. Cheers stephen, and yes for the next 8 weeks ill be giving everyone shit!!!! hahahaha and wen im away ill still be rubbing it in!!
    Cheers Kirk, yer same mate but off down south today so should be getting some shots!! fingers crossed

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