Something Different

Gday everyone, last week i met up with Dylan for a bit of a shoot of Matilda bay, which i think we went to the wrong place since the sky over the ocean was blood red!!, but a got a couple of shots that i thought i would have a play around with. im not sure which one i like more the B&W or the colour so i thought i would ask everyone!!.

Let me know what u think, i have never done this much photoshop work so i was pretty happy with what came out.

Cheers Clint




4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. I prefer the black and white one, mate. I think the composition is quite nice but the colours just aren’t enough in the top one, so the black and white works better.

  2. Clint the composition is great, the B&W is the go but you need to bring the whites up. It is too grey. B&W’s need all the tones from white to black to work. This just needs to be lightened. Check your histogram in levels and see where it is at. Is your screen calibrated?

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