Signature on your photos

Gday everyone, i notice some of u have your signature already on your photos on the web….  i have tried a couple of times to scan it but i don’t have a clue what im doing. If anyone knows a video/ tutorial of it please let me know.
Cheers Clint…..
Hope you all had a great chrissy


3 thoughts on “Signature on your photos

  1. Take a photo of it 😉

    I’ve used this method before…
    Adjust the levels/curves/contrast so that the background turns white and your signature is dark, then crop it so that your signature fills up the frame. Now you can cut/paste your signature onto your photos (using multiply or a similar layer filter).

    Alternatively, you can use a wacom tablet and draw your signature straight into photoshop. Wacoms also come in handy for editing photos…

  2. Just scan it and when the file shows up on your computer just save it and then each time you want to add it to a pic you drag it on to it and you just have to adjust the size to fit….
    Thats all i do and its easy peasy

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