Greens Pool

Gday everyone, well me and bree went to Albany for the weekend with some mates and i got a couple of shots. Besides half of them having a ISO of 100o i did click on that something was wrong and changed it back…… this shot was taking at Greens Pool in Denmark, a great place for shots i could have sat there all day.

Hope you like it.

Cheers Clint




11 thoughts on “Greens Pool

  1. Yer Stephen the ppl in albany are a bit different hahaha cheers mate.
    Cheers CF i think its up there too.
    Cheers Jayne, your blog is getting a bit cold there… getting any shots???

  2. Cheers Dylan, yer the rock are great ey, i think i might have to head down again really soon.
    Cheers Andrew, yer its worth the drive for sure.
    Cheers Stakman…. really, well i cant wait to see some more shots then

  3. Cheers Kirk, mate u gotta get down there, its a amazing place to take photos.
    Cheers Beau, yer i was so angry with myself but owell just means i have to get down there again haha

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