Red Bull

Hey everyone i did some editing on another shot…. i think i did everything that i was told to….. let me know what u think…. i most likely went too far but owell haha



9 thoughts on “Red Bull

  1. plane looks awesome in this!!

    I do think the composition is a lil off in this image. too many distractions in the back ground sorry. I guess if you were to crop the building on the left out that the image would then be unbalanced though.

    the other guys would probably know more but perhaps a slight crop of the building and then vignette to mask out the rest of it might work??

    i do really like the plane and the main pylon hey, the radio tower fit’s into the image nicely too.

  2. Plane looks great mate real metalic look .
    As Stephen said the background is a bit distracting I would personally clone out the buildings with some more gray sky shouldnt be to hard seeings as its out of focus you could even apply a blur over the background to hid the clone job a bit more .
    Nice capture but

  3. mate trying different things is the best way to progress!
    half the time when i try new things the finak image looks shit and I prefer to have people tell me what they think could be improved rather than just saying ‘wow dylan your bloody amazing!’ cause I hear that all the time! 😉

  4. I love the PP of this shot. Really makes it a work of art. Get rid of that building on the bottom left and she’d be a perfect shot.

  5. yer i agree Dylan….. and i have the same problem with ppl saying “wow clint your bloody amazing” hahahahaha
    Cheers Dan, yer im working on getting rid of it…. bloody work is getting in the way as always. Cheers Buddy

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