RedBull Air Race

Well today i i went down the river and met up with Jayne, Mel, Jamie and wife Melissa and little Xavier…. pretty happy with the shots i got but once again the editing has stopped me… did what i thought was ok with this shot but i got a heap of shots i dont know what to do… so if anyone has some tips please feel free haha…. well i hope u like it 

Cheer Clint



11 thoughts on “RedBull Air Race

  1. A fast shutter speed has “frozen” the propeller – using a slower shutter speed will give a better sense of movement, as it’ll show that the propeller is spinning.

  2. Nice shot mate , love the composition of the aircraft goinging through the markers and probally the best plane to photograph 🙂
    You can easly applie a motion blur to the propeller to give it some more movment in PS

  3. I agree with Stakky, but rather than saturating the plane any more since its pretty colourful already, i would take most the colour out of the rest of the image instead.

  4. Feeeww your blog was going a bit cold there mate. Good to see something new up. haha

    The shot has been executed well. Do you use levels or curves in PS at all? It just lacks punch. A quick improvement on a great shot would be as simple as going into levels and moving the right (white) slider to the left until the whites in the shot are white, rather than grey. Just don’t go too far or you may clip the highlights. Also bring the left (black) slider to the right to darken the blacks.
    You may have already done this, it just seems that the image is flat. That would be the first step before you start adding vignettes and saturating/desaturating.
    Just a suggestion, hope it helps.

  5. Cheers everyone
    Dylan and Sean ill try them both today some time and i might re-post…
    Cheers luke i have done a bit of the white levels slider but not much ill give it a bit more tho and see wat happens….. is the blog a bit warm now?? hahaha

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