Red Bull Air Race



Hey just thought i would tell everyone that ill be down Mends street jetty at around 12 friday

me and bree went there today for a little look and we saw this plane flying around….. it is Mike Mangold in the Edge 540… so the paper says… not that i would know hahaha

so if anyone else is going down let me know,


7 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Race

  1. Yes Jayne and I will be coming.Take you phone and I will call you before i get there.Hoping to get there around 12.30 -1.Did you shhot this with your 400mm?

  2. Have fun mate ,
    Ill be laying roll on lawn down on weekend .
    At least Ill still be able to hear them from my place
    Hope you get some great shot

  3. no worries martin just thought i would get down there without the crowds and get some shots…
    Mel i shot this with my 50-500mm sigma lens…. its pretty cool but it was at full zoom to get this because the plane was so bloody far away haha…..
    unlucky kirk….. i hope i get some good shots too hahaha

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