Boat Shed


Well with a chance of luck i went out to shoot last night and got a pretty good sunset!!!…… i have never shot the boat shed before so i thought i would give it a go, let me know what u think.

Cheers Clint


9 thoughts on “Boat Shed

  1. Nice one Clint it’s great to see another shot of the shed. It’s interesting seeing it under so many different conditions.
    The sunset was pretty darn good last night. You have captured it well. Unfortunately I had to watch that sunset without my camera at hand. Instead I had a beer in my hand on the beach. It was a great arvo 🙂

    Keep `em coming mate.

  2. cheers mate…. i was getting into my car thinking that was sunset over but then it went crazy…. lucky i ran back hahaha.

  3. Nice shot mate , nice to see a different angle . deffinatly was a good sunset yesterday but i wasnt out get any shots 😦 Now is the time for nice light around the place for photography . A little mask layer with motion blur or glasiun blur over the water will help fix them little stitchs not lining up .

  4. Yeah it was a ripper! I went out about an hour or so in advance just to my local beach for it. I have mine up now too.
    Its a great little shed ay?!!!

  5. Very nice clint, you can also try 30% clone on the parts the water does not quite match up. I always seem to get the same distracting point with this boat shed, one where one of the windows is lite up and the other is dark, maybe not bother some but has always bugged my captures of this shed … One day I’l get what I want.

  6. Cheers everyone, yer i have been trying different ways to blend the water a bit….. and that window is annoying but also kinda cool if that makes any sense hahaha

  7. sure mate….. email it to me at clintbaker85 (at)
    my photoshop skill are very very limited so any help would be great

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