My Mates Footy


Well as everyone has said the light has been very very poor…. looking at some old shots i took at my mates footy grand final and thought i would try something different… 

let me know what u guys ad girls think…… and lets hope there is some good sunrise’s 2morow as me and bree are heading out…


6 thoughts on “My Mates Footy

  1. What b&w conversion did you use?
    The b&w areas look like they need more contrast to me.
    I was thinking about gettin up early tomorrow but I know just how tuff it is to get out of my warm bed. haha

  2. cool thanks…. my first shot with ppl in it hahaha…. was thinking about doin the boat shed that kirk just did….. me and bree haven’t been there yet….. i think we are the only 2 photographers that haven’t hahaha

  3. That is a great sporting photo. You should take these types of photos ansd try to sell them to clubs. I’m sure the players would love to have something like that hanging from their wall.

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