Down South


Well what a wild weekend… weather wise.

This is a shot i got Saturday morning at Castle Rock, photoshop isnt letting me straighten it yet but i had to get something up from the weekend…… Cheers Mel Jayne and Luke for a great weekend of shooting….


6 thoughts on “Down South

  1. hahahah yer some ppl call me THE HAMMER hahhahahahahahahah great weekend, dont worry going thru my shots and there is alot of focus problems right in the middle of the pano hahaha

  2. NIce one Clint. The stitch looks great. Shame about the photoshop issues. Hopefully they have been resolved. It was good to meet yourself and the other two trouble makers (Mel and Jayne) down south.

  3. Hahahahaha yer guys hoping it works out,
    Yeah great to meet you too Luke we should head out again soon for a shoot, and ill let u know when head down south… might go down again soon

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