Mosman Bay


WEll i guess i win mel…….

Hey everyone went on a shot with THE GROUP….(Mel, Jayne and the bodyguard aka Gary) just down to Mosman Bay, wasn’t too bad not as much colour as i hoped but you get that i guess….. i have about 13 panos but i liked this one so here it is not much editing not sure what i want to do with it….

Cheers Clint


10 thoughts on “Mosman Bay

  1. well i don’t know about wining but if you ment the first to post from last nights shoot well yes it seems to be you.I was patching cellings to late last night so i didn’t post.Mine are rockin just you wait.;)

  2. hahahha yer spot on there…… now come on get editing…… was thinking of goin up to Araluen next weekend, i hear the tulips are out and about

  3. nice shot mate ,
    Sounds like a few of you head out that sunday .
    Would be cool to head to Araluen for some wildflower shots but will be in rotto this weekend . Hopefully ill get some shots in between the drinking 🙂

  4. hahahaha yer ill be down south trying to do the same…. hoping to get to araluen the weekend after so ill let u know

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