Very Cold Morning


Gday everyone, well sunday morning me and my girlfriend Bree met up with Melissa Larson, Jayne Taylor and her husband Gary up at Noble Falls. The water level has probly tripled since i was last up there so we were pretty keen. This was a shot that we all got coming home and i loved it so much i worked on it straight away, ( not that i did much at all but still)And i was goin to get rid of the fog but it thought it added a bit more to the picture, what your think?? Any tips would be great

Cheers Clint

P.S Mel hows your foot??,


14 thoughts on “Very Cold Morning

  1. Hi Clint, That turned out awesome. Love it! I agree it really didn’t need much photoshopping. I love the frozen foreground and the way the old farmhouse is spot lit. Keep them coming.

  2. My foot is ok I ended up in ED at Murdoch with 3 stiches and a 3 inch barb getting cut out of my ankle.Battled through the pain like a true pro just to get the shot.Look out for it i will post later when i can walk back to my laptop.

  3. Nice shot mate ,
    The fog gives it a nice feel
    The only thing i would do is some painting with light around the building and land to give it a look of the sun just hitting it , but thats just my personal taste .

  4. Thanks everyone, kirk ill try that very soon, my mac has just died on me, so im a very happy man NOT! hope i don’t lose everything, my first lesson in saving everything twice…..but ill only lose one or two shots.
    Good to hear about the foot mel, did u keep the barb? 🙂

  5. cheers neal i think i might have to go bak up there, only had one pano with this because i had to leave…. check out mel’s shot she has a great one with the fence line

  6. Good shot mate.
    I was gonna say exactly what Kirk said, just to brighten things up and really draw the eye into the cottage and paddocks.
    Good stuff

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