Noble Falls


After seeing some shots of noble falls i thought i had to go up and see what its like, was pretty good conditions so was pretty happy with what i got. Hoping to get out Monday morning for a sunrise shoot somewhere, maybe Freo so keep an eye out.

Cheers Clint


5 thoughts on “Noble Falls

  1. Hi clint, Sounds like you’re keen to get out and about. Mel and I are going out next sunday morning. Not exactly sure where as yet, maybe Mettams Pool area. Let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Yer sounds like a plan, have u got a site yet??? i will have sunday off so im really keen to get out and shot, i went out today to Point Walter so ill pop a couple of shots up during the week.

  3. hi Clint,
    Sunday’s weather is looking promising. Send me an email and we’ll fine tune the details. Mel’s still keen too.

  4. ok great i have the morning off work so that should be great, whats your email address mine is in the about section if that easier
    cheers clint

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