Karri trees


Hey another shot from my trip down south, could sit in this forrest shooting for hours. Once again a bit of editing not much at all, not as sharp as i want it, still working with the sharpening tool.

cheers Clint


12 thoughts on “Karri trees

  1. nice composition with this shot mate , havent shot any forresty shots yet but planning on heading up to kalamanda next week so hopefully will get some shots

  2. The main tree’s really is great for this shot.
    I’m wondering if you could perhaps have cropped out the slanty tree on the right though? My eye keeps going to that. It would also bring the main tree in nearly to the third…
    Not much, just to the 2 small trees on the right.
    But overall i think this is great! 🙂

  3. Hey mel, this is on Caves Road just outside Margaret River i go there everytime i go down south amazing place to shoot

  4. Hi Clint, Have been checking our your site for a while now but this is my first comment. Really love this shot and the boat ramp too. Love the comment on your flickr site too from Photoholic, sounds like this photo’s gonna be famous. Are you a member of PIP? Jayne

  5. Thanks heaps Jayne, yeah great name for a group i thought. Yeah i have joined the group but dont use flickr that much anymore, do u have a site at all?
    cheers Clint

  6. No, still getting the confidence to start one up. Working on it though. I went along to a PIP photoshoot at canning Bridge last night. I intend to join up soon so will let you know when my flickr site is up and running.

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