Deep Water Point


This was a 16image stitch, but i cropped it down a bit…. still working with PS so my editing is average at best. Any tips on just selecting just the sky?? as u can see my first try its great


2 thoughts on “Deep Water Point

  1. nice shot mate ,
    Great composition , with a bit of photoshop work this could look great .
    There isnt any real easy way to select just the sky you can make a mask layer of the sky and blend it in with grad and eraser and magic wand would be the way I would go but there could be easer better ways to do it .

  2. I just mask things out. Say I wanted to change the levels for the sky, I would simply add a levels layer and adjust them only paying attention to the sky. I would then add a layer mask to get rid of the changes to the rest of the image… But like Kirk said there is probably better ways.

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