Perth Bell Tower

Not sure if i like this shot yet, might try get more in


8 thoughts on “Perth Bell Tower

  1. Hi Clint,

    This would be my favourite shot of yours. Love the colour in the Bell Tower.


    Jamie Paterson

  2. Clint mate I reckon try this shot again but at sunset, because you have lost a lot of detail in the bell tower.

  3. Bell Towers a tricky one to shoot but a all ways looks great when you get it right .
    How you caught the different colors on the lights look great and nice long exposure on the sprays of water, but this ones a little too dark for me , the tower and sky sort of blend in together and loses some detail . I would try it again at dusk or sunrise when the sky still has a bit of light in it and you can still get the lights from the bell tower
    Still nice shot mate

  4. you can see on my attempt a few months back that at this time of day you get much more detail and nice colours. It’s not my best work but I think the being a local I kinda had to get a snap of it!

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