Perth Pano

This was a 16 image stitch, let me know what u think

cheers Clint


3 thoughts on “Perth Pano

  1. G’day mate,
    Your gonna wanna resize your images before uploading them because they take for ever to load.
    I think with some ps work this photo could be really intense!!!

  2. Cheers mate, i have only just got PS about a month ago and yer i got the scott kelby book so havnt stopped reading. Im hoping to get some tips and tricks off it…… Trying to working out the whole layers thing, strange thing when u dont know anything about it lol
    thanks for the comments mate

  3. Like this shot mate ,
    Great detail in it .
    As Dylan said a few tweaks in Photoshop will make this look great .
    To resize the image in photoshop just go to the top menu bar and go to image tab and then to the image size tab or (CTRL + I )
    Yeah Scott Kelby book is great , I would recommend learning the layer function , Its the most powerfull tool in photoshop you can use .

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