Perth Pano Sunset

This was a 14 images stitch, taken from south perth foreshore with a amazing sunset 


3 thoughts on “Perth Pano Sunset

  1. Clint, nice images but you can pull more out of them. Have a look at your levels, you should see that your white point can come up heaps. Lighten them up some mate. Good to see your using a different template from the rest of us. cheers

  2. cheers mate, still trying to work with CS3…. wont take long but thanks for the comment ill try it tonight

  3. yeah most of us copied fletch.
    I’ll tell ya what Fletch told me and many others. Get a hold of Scott Kelby’s CS3 book. It’s fantastic, and get better photoshop techniques magazine. And experiment!
    Keep it up!!!

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